Three people face three people. 
Between them is text saying 'THRIVE with us!'
There are buildings in the background.
Above everyone's heads are phrases, including: professional development, 
superb references, mentorship, and crisis intervention training.

THRIVE’s RECRUIT Internship program centers undergraduate students whose identities are multiply marginalized.

Applications for the paid 2023-2024 RECRUIT Internship are closed. Meet our 2023-2024 cohort here!

* We dream of building a team that is representative of the breadth of our communities. We encourage applications from underrepresented LGBTQ2S+ persons of color, persons living with disabilities, Two Spirit, trans-femme and/or femme nonbinary individuals, and/or veterans. Additionally, we pride ourselves in working with people who struggle to gain traditional internships, whether that be because you are in a rural area, do not have transportation, are unable to find affirming support for your identity, working multiple jobs, caregiving, or any other barriers you might have faced. THRIVE’s team is majority POC and LGBTQ2S+ and we deeply value increasing representation.

Thanks to a grant from Dow through the company’s All IN ERG fund*, we are excited to announce 5 paid internship positions** for a 12 month internship that will run August 20, 2023 - August 17, 2024. Applications for these positions will close on May 26, 2023 and we will retain a waitlist as candidates are chosen.

*Dow’s ALL IN ERG Fund is a grant program that empowers the Company’s Employee Resource Groups to address local community diversity, inclusion, and equity needs. Read the full press release here.

**Please note that while funding is limited to 5 paid positions, space may open for volunteer-based internships (180 hours rather than 300) as our resources allow. We welcome your continued interest if volunteering is an option for you and we will continue to communicate when space becomes available. Please email to be added to the waitlist.

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You may be a current undergraduate student within the breadth of STEMM fields who has struggled to gain internship experience due to any number of marginalizing barriers. If you are seeking an internship or practicum that will:

  1. Meet you where you are as a student who experiences marginalization
  2. Empower you and give you undeniable professional experience
  3. Equip you with the skills to directly impact the lives of others who may share your intersecting identities and experiences
  4. Provide you with paid training and 1:1 mentorship
  5. Offer flexibility in your work hours help you prioritize other aspects of your life
  6. Affirm your identity and increase your network

this opportunity might be just right for you!

The RECRUIT internship program is a 100% remote position, designed by and for people with multiply marginalized identities. To bridge gaps caused by marginalization, THRIVE reduces your number of work hours with us each week and expands our program to one full year of paid training and 1:1 mentorship. Our goal is to maximize your personalized program while giving you the much needed time to be students, work another job, caregive for your families, or whatever your life requires as a traditional or nontraditional student. We hope to meet you where you are right now and help you reach your dreams.

Please note: our grant covers stipended positions for undergraduate students residing in and eligible to work within the U.S. If you are a student residing outside the U.S., please contact us at for volunteer training opportunities.


Our internship program is designed to offer a combined approximately 300 hours (about 50 weeks at approximately 6 hours per week) of training, mentorship, and skills development. THRIVE’s unique training is centered in Whole-Human, empathetic support, cross-identity affirmation, and trauma-informed communication.

Please let us know if your degree program has specific requirements for your mentor.

The general breakdown of the 2023 - 2024 program is explained in the sections below.

Training: How we will help you THRIVE

70 hours of training will include:

  • Supporting people with marginalized identities and experiences
    • Affirming identity first; recognizing identities you share versus those you do not
    • Recognizing common barriers and developing plans to overcome those barriers
  • Tailoring communication to specific audiences
    • Common pitfalls in our language
  • Advocacy for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in STEMM fields and beyond
  • Training in inclusive educational practices
  • Hands on approaches to learning and skills application
  • Trauma-informed leadership and teaching
    • Being alert to signs of distress or escalation
    • Leading in groups or one-on-one
  • Professional development specific to navigating your own identities in the workplace
  • Resume reviews and application writing support; references

Crisis Response

150 hours of crisis response skills practice:

Your communication, support, and advocacy skills will be put into practice as a Crisis Responder on THRIVE Lifeline, after you complete our comprehensive Crisis Response for Marginalized Communities training. RECRUITs take 1 - 2 on-call shifts per week that last for 3 hours each (please view the program timeline here). *Please note that RECRUITs will be required to take shift times during our peak hours between 6p - 6a Eastern, any day of the week. You will work with our Internship Coordinator to determine the days that work best for you within these hours.

Professional development

50 hours of professional skills practice:

As a RECRUIT, you will be given the opportunity to work with mentors to build your resume and elevator pitch and to attend various panels. RECRUITs will also be leading community outreach and education in a variety of ways.

Leadership development

30 hours of leadership skills practice:

As growing leaders, you will become a training assistant to new trainees or facilitate training sessions. We will work with you to help you gain confidence and improve the skills that will help you to be a leader in your own communities.

What we need from you

Interested RECRUITs should:

  • Be undergraduate students

    • *Our grant covers current undergraduate students. If you are not a current undergraduate student, we invite you to take part in our volunteer-based (180 hour) RECRUIT program as we have space available.
  • Be residing in the U.S. for the duration of the program and be a U.S. person, eligible to work in the U.S.

    • *Our grant covers U.S. persons residing within and eligible to work in the U.S. If this makes you ineligible, we invite you to take part in our volunteer-based (180 hour) RECRUIT program as we have space available.
  • Be seeking an internship or practicum experience that centers people with multiply marginalized identities

  • Be 18+ years of age

  • Have reliable access to a computer with high speed internet and privacy

  • Be able to complete all RECRUIT internship program requirements and deliverables (within 12 months), including 70 hours of training, 150 hours of shifts as a Crisis Responder on THRIVE Lifeline, 50 hours of applied professional skills, and 30 hours of applied leadership skills.

  • Attend live orientation and two 4-hour training sessions virtually

  • Attend live events with sponsors or THRIVE team

  • Attend weekly one-on-one meetings with your mentor

  • Affirm all identities, especially those that are least represented

  • Be willing to work in a collaborative, supportive environment and dialogue openly

  • Be willing to learn and grow through supportive and constructive feedback

  • Be willing to offer support to other volunteers, especially those who are responding to texters in crisis

Click here to read the full job description.

Click here to learn what past RECRUITs have to say.