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Overview of MHFA

Mental Health First Aid USA (MHFA) is an evidence-based training that teaches participants how to identify, understand and respond to someone who is experiencing a mental health or substance-use challenge

Similar to physical First Aid and CPR, MHFA teaches a 5-step action plan for assisting someone experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis until professional assistance is obtained or the crisis is resolved. MHFA also teaches how to support someone showing warning signs of a mental health or substance use challenge.

This course requires 2 hours of self-paced content followed by 6 hours of instructor-led virtual training. It is valued at $170. No prior experience with mental health conversations or support is needed; the MHFA curriculum is designed to be accessible to anyone.

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MHFA Training Dates

August 31

Sliding scale cost:

THRIVE has discounted the full rate of MHFA tickets to $95 to support those in our community who need a globally recognized certification. $95 is the cost for THRIVE to cover our expenses for this workshop. If you agree to pay the recommended price of $170, then you are supporting the scholarship for another trainee who could not afford to pay our aid rate of $75*. For every sponsor cost ticket that is purchased, THRIVE will cover the additional expense of the aid cost ticket. We believe that Together We THRIVE: we support each other with wealth, through acts of service, and through community connections, according to whatever we have to give.

*Please Note: If you need a scholarship to attend, email us at: . We will reach out to our waiting list when scholarships become available.

Ticket options:


Refunds will not be made under any circumstances. If you become unable to attend the training you register for, you may re-enroll in a later course offering. You must complete your training within 120 days of submitting this form.

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