Two people are texting with buildings in the
background. The first person is walking on message bubbles toward another 
person. The first bubble says 'you are not alone.' 
The second bubble says 'I'm here for you.' 
The THRIVE Lifeline logo is in the corner with the phone 
number +1.313.662.8209.

If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis and need to chat with a qualified crisis responder, we are here for you.

If you are an underrepresented individual (person of color, LGBTQ2S+, person living with disabilities, neurodiverse, and/or other marginalized identities), and experiencing obstacles because of (or simply have questions about) your identities, we want to help you navigate those.

Please text “THRIVE” to begin your conversation with us 24/7/365, from anywhere: +1.313.662.8209

We are experienced suicide interveners who will help keep you safe during times of acute mental health crises. If you are not in an acute crisis, but are dealing with stress as you navigate identity, orientation, or barriers to academic and professional entry, we can help! We are here to support your whole-self and we’re happy to help you during these troubling times.

THRIVE Lifeline offers 24/7/365 judgment-free, confidential text messaging to individuals aged 18+.

Together, we THRIVE.

The THRIVE Lifeline logo.

Contact THRIVE Lifeline

In crisis? Text: +1.313.662.8209

For non-crisis related email inquiries:

TRANS Support Groups: Held quarterly. Free wellness gift for the first 50 attendees. Register today: https://thriv.life/trans

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Supporting Us

Your contributions help THRIVE Lifeline to continue providing life-saving and life-affirming crisis hotline support to marginalized individuals in STEMM. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today:
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  • Check: Make out to: THRIVE Inc. Mail to: 2114 N. Flamingo Rd. Box #5018; Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

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