Text reads Stronger Together: Peer Support Community. 
The background is gradient dark green with a graphic of 4 people connected via their phones, and green tree branches for decoration.

The Stronger Together discord server is co-hosted by THRIVE and our partners at Stronger U, and centers multiply marginalized complex trauma survivors inside of a non-carceral, depathologized space (open to all 18+). Many of us did not have the community support we needed in vulnerable periods of our lives, and have found that being connected to a community who cares is one of the keys to helping each other to survive and thrive.

We also hold semi-frequent peer support voice chats in the discord that provide another way to connect and be held in community. Currently, we are holding the following peer support chats:

Unsure how to use discord? That’s okay! This guide has some information about our specific server layout, and you can also find some information about how to download discord, understand what a discord server is, and learn how to send messages so you can interact with our community. Feel free to ask questions in the server, too — we’re happy to help you figure out how to navigate it, and be appropriate and supportive in our shared community space!

Join our discord server here today

Peer Support Calendar: All times are given in the Eastern Time Zone (New York).