Text reads T.R.A.N.S Togetherness + Really 
Awesome Non-Normative Support. 
On the left hand side is a cloud with sparkles and water lines in the colors 
of the trans flag. 
On the right hand side is a rainbow with the colors of the trans flag. 
Below the rainbow is the THRIVE Lifeline logo.

THRIVE moderates a discord server for anyone 13+ who is Transgender, Nonbinary, Agender, Questioning, or is otherwise a person of Trans experience. Join our discord server for a small active community of shared identity that bonds through gender exploration, mental health struggles, and random daily experiences. PluralKit is available for those who use it as well as a private channel for those who identify as plural to connect more safely.

New to discord? No problem! We’re happy to help you figure it out once you join our server – feel free to DM any of the moderators for support, or ask in the public channels.

Join our discord server here today!