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Living a Balanced Life. Boxes include: 1. Work at your own pace, get things done with a to-do list, write your progress in journal. 2. Have 30-minute recess every workday, don't forget to eat, and do a simple workout in the evening. 3. Take a rest when you're tired, relax on your bed, and take time to regain your mood. 4. Don't forget to text your loved ones, get healthy boundary, let them know you're resting and need alone time

Living a Balanced Life

Text over flowers that says 'Be gentle with yourself, you're doing your best.'

Be Gentle with Yourself

White heart on purple with text 'You're beautiful.'

You're Beautiful

A cartoon person with text 'No matter what you experience in life, you will always be enough.'

You Are Enough

A person giving themself a hug with text 'What you give to others... you can give to yourself.'

Give What You Give

Clip art images corresponding to text. The title is 'It's okay to?!' with suggestions ask for help, have bad days, say 'no', grow as a person, take a break, and ditch toxic people.

It's Okay

A person sitting with a cat and the text 'Self-care isn't selfish.'


Cartoons on purple background with text 'Practical ways to reduce stress levels. Get moving, meditate or do yoga, relax with friends, and talk it out.'

Stress Management

A cartoon person holding a sign that says 'I am worthy'.

I am Worthy